Heat Pipe

All electronic components, from microprocessors to high end power converters, generate heat and rejection of this heat is necessary for their optimum and reliable operation. As electronic design allows higher throughput in smaller packages, dissipating the heat load becomes a critical design factor. Many of today's electronic devices require cooling beyond the capability of standard metallic heat sinks. The heat pipe is meeting this need and is rapidly becoming a main stream thermal management tool. 

Heat pipes have been commercially available since the mid 1960's. Only in the past few years, however, has the electronics industry embraced heat pipes as reliable, cost effective solutions for high end cooling applications. So now here what we explain basic heat pipe operation, review key heat pipe design issues, and to discuss current heat pipe electronic cooling applications. A heat pipe is essentially a passive heat transfer device with an extremely high effective thermal conductivity. The two-phase heat transfer mechanism results in heat transfer capabilities from one hundred to several thousand times that of an equivalent piece of copper.

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