Led Heat Sink

This is the most common way to dissipate heat.Aluminum fins are used as part of the led heat sink to increase the area of heat dissipation.Heat-conducting plastic heat sink.Using LED insulation heat dissipation plastic instead of aluminum alloy to make heat dissipation body, can greatly improve the heat radiation ability.Surface radiation heat dissipation treatment.

The surface of the led heat sink do radiation heat treatment, simple is to apply radiation heat paint, can be taken away from the surface of the with radiation.

The shape of the led light heat sink is used to create convection air, which is the lowest cost way to enhance heat dissipation.Inside the led heat sink, long-life and high-efficiency fan is used to enhance heat dissipation. However, changing the fan is troublesome and not suitable for outdoor use, which is a rare design.the home type of small power LED light, often use the internal space of the led light cap, the hot drive circuit part or all put in.This can be used as a screw cap such as a larger metal surface of the led light, because the cap is closed to the base of the metal electrode and power line. So some of the heat can be derived from that.

Integration of heat conduction and heat dissipation – application of high heat conduction ceramics The purpose of heat dissipation of led heat sink is to reduce the working temperature of LED chip. Due to the large gap between the expansion coefficient of LED chip and the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation coefficient of metal commonly used, the LED chip cannot be directly welded to avoid the damage of LED chip by high and low temperature thermal stress.
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  • Material: AL 1100
    Technology: Zipper fin + pipes pressing
    Feature: Good cooling and energy-saving
    Surface treatment: oil cleared,cleaned and passivation
    Heat conducting power: 500W
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