Stacked Fin Heat Sink

New Technology company Dongguan Yuanyang Thermal Energy Technology CO.,Ltd, is the manufacturer of heat sinks and water cooling plates for more than 15 years, we are designated heat sink supplier for domestic top-scale enterprises. Dongguan Yuanyang Thermal Energy Technology CO.,Ltd is located in Dongguan City, the Chinese one of the industrial city where near to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, has big advantage of transportation and fast shipping in delivery by sea. We are the factory has own working room with 25 CNC machines, 10 stamping machines, 2 skiving machines and 2 friction welding machines. We have more than 100 employees with Sales team, engineering team, production department and QC department. 
We have manufactured the LED heat sink, stage light heat sink, heat sink with fan, skiving heat sink, servers heat sink, aluminum heat sink, copper heat sink, aluminum heat pipe skiving fin radiator, CPU heat sink, water cooling plate, liquid cool plate, aluminum extrusion heat sink and stacked fin heat sink.

Here is our process, feature and function of heat sinks and water cooling plates:

The stacked fin heat sink is like the aluminum extrusion heat sink, but once you close discovered it, you would notice that it still has the difference with the fin itself, which means stacked fin heat sink has the thicker and dentate fins inside heat sink, it can cool the heat source at more higher efficiency and better touching the heat flow. Stacked heat sinks are formed by using a high pressure to press single fins, multiple fins, and single extrusions together into a stacked heat sink. This type of stacked fin heats which are formed by press-fit approach can realize a cooling structure that has both top and bottom base plates for mounting power devices. No interface material is required for assembly when using this technique and it has the benefits of low development cost, high flexibility in forming heat sinks with different width and structures so that it is highly universal. This technique has been widely used in the cooling of high power devices such as power inverters and transformers, generators, etc.

Stacked heat sinks have advantages such as increasing cooling area while forming a closed passage at the same time so as to achieve higher thermal performance, no restriction on it volume, higher strength, lower manufacturing cost, easier installation and maintenance, longer service life, etc. Via our technical innovations, Winshare Thermal has mastered the technique of re-stacking aluminum extrusions for the production of high power heat sinks.

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  • As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Round Cold Forging Heat Sink High Power LED Radiator Aluminum Fin Pin Heatsink. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.
    Material: copper
    Weight: 0.187kg
    Technology: Cold forging
    Feature: high cooling ability and energy-saving
    Surface treatment: anodized black
    Heat cooling power: 35W

  • Material: AL 6061
    Technology: Stacked fin + Optical fiber
    Feature: Good cooling and High power cooling
    Surface treatment: oil cleared,cleaned and passivation
    Heat conducting power: 1000W You can rest assured to buy Laser Equipment Stacked Fin Heat Sink from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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