Heat Pipe Heat Sinks - The must-know LED cooling technology

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  • Release time: 2023-07-26

Yuanyang Thermal Technology is a professional LED thermal solution provider and LED heat sink manufacturer.LED lighting heat sinks are various, common types are extruded aluminum LED heat sink, LED sunflower heat sink, die casting LED heat sink, stamping LED heat sink, cold forging heat sink, skived LED heat sink and so on.Yuanyang has rich experience in high power LED heat sinks. Currently,Yuanyang has provided LED cooling solutions for LED street lights, greenhouse vegetable LED lights, LED projection lights, automobile lights, tunnel lights, solar street lights and so on.


Compared to traditional light sources, LEDs have technical advantages including long life, fast response, potentially high luminous efficacy, small size and narrow spectrum. But in essence, in this many advantages, potential high luminous efficacy, small size and narrow spectrum of the three most critical, which makes the LED is different from traditional light sources, and broaden its application in a variety of fields. But it is also because of its small size, high luminous efficacy, making the LED still exists in the application of the obstacles - heat dissipation problems.


There are three ways of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation, any heat dissipation design is the comprehensive application of these ways. Currently there are three main methods of heat dissipation for LED lights: natural heat dissipation, forced convection heat dissipation, and heat pipe heat dissipation.


Natural heat dissipation is represented by copper heat sink belt, and forced convection heat dissipation is represented by fan, and I believe we all know quite well the above two ways of heat dissipation. But heat pipe cooling should be less understood?


Heat pipe cooling is the industry's most stable thermal conductivity device, the speed of heat conduction is dozens to hundreds of times higher than the pure copper substrate, commonly used in computer CPU cooling. It can quickly transfer the heat generated by the LED chip in the fastest way possible, faster and more effective than other cooling materials, so what is the principle of heat pipe?




A heat pipe is a passive heat transfer element that works using phase change heat transfer technology and relies on the phase change (transition between liquid and vapor phases) of the work material to transfer heat. A typical heat pipe consists of a shell, a liquid-absorbing core and a mass. When one end of the heat pipe absorbs heat, the liquid mass of the heat-absorbing end is vaporized into steam, and under the action of the pressure difference inside the heat pipe, the steam moves to the other end at high speed, and the cold end is liquefied when it is cooled down, releasing the latent heat and re-condensing it into a liquid mass, which is returned to the core structure through the liquid absorption.


See the figure below shows, in the work of heat evaporation of the region known as the evaporation section, the steam is cold liquefaction of the region known as the condensation section, between the evaporation section and the condensation section, due to the heat pipe and the outside world of the heat exchange is very little, known as the adiabatic section.




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