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The characteristics of uniform temperature plate


Microstructure characteristics of joint copper mesh:


1. The pore size is about 50 μm to 100 μm.


2. Microstructures with different sizes of upper and lower pores can be made, and the control structure can meet the efficiency.


3. Can be made in the same plane with multiple non-aperture area of the microstructure.


4. Use character.


Different microstructures can be made in the evaporation area and condensation area to meet the needs of the product.


The micro structure and condensation area in the evaporation area can be used together according to the need.


high heat transferring compound that exhibits a thermal conductivity of 7.0 W/m°K and has the lowest thermal resistance among our dispensable SPG products. When applied between heat-generating components and a nearby heat sink or spreader, the form stable thermal material completely fills delicate gaps as small as 0.2mm. This allows for more efficient transfer and dissipation of heat from the component and improved performance.