• In nowadays almost every field of equipment and facilities all are adopting heat sinks or water cold plates. However,the heat dissipation problem is one of the problems at the LED design. In this article we proposed a design method to replace fins for outdoor LED stage lights, To be compared between the commercial fins and thick buckle fin.


  • Optimum analytical design of medical heat sink with convex parabolic fin including variable thermal conductivity and mass transfer


  • It’s a new way of working that our foreign trade department have the product thermal engineer who is giving us the best help!!


  • Vapor Chambers, With the continuous improvement of chip power density, VC has been widely used in the heat dissipation of CPU, NP, ASIC and other high-power devices


  • Every heat sink is precious for manufacturing and that’s why we also need to be careful that the water cooling plate should pack in every box or wooden cartons be safely too, such like we use a way of EPE foam or one polybag to be packed in every each of product, the EPE foam has an advantage of protecting the general part of heat sink to be in good condition and without the any damage each part.


  • We are the high technology of heat dissipation products, such as high power heat pipe heat sink, Heat sink module, high power CPU heat sink and friction welding water cooling plate. This is our new and high tech products. We have the talented members from Technological University and foreign university. They are making a innovation and simulation for the heat sink products, especially for the water cooling plate as its high cost of making few samples, many of customers would like to make simulation firstly for having better pre-testing performance.