• We designed according to customer’s product, and they fit it perfectly well and test its thermal cooling data is also reached the effect of what they needed it, very thankful for cooperating together and wish we can serve him for more projects and we can do the win-win business more in our near future.


  • Yuanyang thermal company has a ability to manufacture the heat sinks and water cold plates, has its own working room and production machines.


  • Alibaba international station, live show, big discount, 10% discount, invite you to come, live room time from 7-9 pm tonight, explain the latest products, more details, please enter the live room, pay attention to us! I will be waiting for you!


  • Stainless steel is a type of steel, and cold plate is a type of steel. The thickness of the cold plate is becoming more accurate, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful, and it also has...


  • The server is a high-performance computer in the network environment. It listens to...


  • With the increasing integration of servers, a large number of popular use such as INTEL's XEON blade servers (with advertisements everywhere) and 1U servers...