CPU Heat Sink with Fan

Material: Al 1100Size:108*80*125.5mmWeight: 0.68kgTechnology: StampingFeature: Higher cooling ability and good conductivitySurface treatment: Oil-cleaning passivationHeat cooling power: 155WAs a professional CPU Heat Sink with Fan manufacture, you can rest assured to buy CPU Heat Sink with Fan from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.
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Product parameters of CPU heat sink with fan

Material: Al 1100


Weight: 0.68kg

Technology: Stamping

Feature: Higher cooling ability and good conductivity

Surface treatment: Oil-cleaning passivation

Heat cooling power: 155W


Product advantage of CPU heat sink with fan

"U" in the server domain specifically refers to the thickness of the rack server. It is a unit representing the external dimensions of the server. It is an abbreviation for Unit. The detailed dimensions are determined by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) as an industry group.


The basic unit of thickness is 4.445cm. 1U heat sink is 4.445cm, and 2U is 8.89cm twice as much as 1U. In other words, so 1U server heat sink" is a product that meets EIA specifications and has a thickness of 4.445 cm.


Based on space constraints, the 2U Heat sinks overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional cooling system, can make the CPU and other main radiator components have a lower temperature and are more balanced with each other, avoid various system failures caused by system heat dissipation, and prolong the average failure of the entire system Working time and service life

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