• In today's manufacturing and mechanical engineering sectors, efficient cooling solutions are critical to improving system performance. Recently, a new type of heat dissipation equipment called Aluminum Welding Radiator has attracted widespread attention in the industry. This radiator made of aluminum alloy material heralds a great leap forward in heat dissipation technology with its excellent thermal conductivity and efficient heat dissipation efficiency.


  • With the continuous development of LED lighting technology, LED lamps have become the mainstream products in the lighting industry. However, due to the high brightness and high efficiency of LED lamps, their calorific value also increases accordingly, which requires the use of radiators to reduce the temperature of LED lamps to ensure their long-term stable operation. As a new type of heat sink, LED Heatsink is gradually becoming the new favorite of the LED lighting industry.


  • Aluminum Profiles Extruded Heat Sink is an efficient and reliable heat sink that will bring better heat dissipation to electronic devices. In future development, Aluminum Profiles Extruded Heat Sink is expected to further improve heat dissipation efficiency, reduce costs, expand application fields, and create more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly electronic equipment for people.


  • With the development of modern manufacturing technology, cold plate has gradually become one of the indispensable important materials in the industrial production process. So, what issues should you pay attention to when choosing a cold plate manufacturer? Next, Yuanyang will discuss together.


  • As the performance of computers continues to improve, the heat generated by hardware such as processors and graphics cards is also increasing. Therefore, the radiator has become one of the indispensable accessories in PC assembly. So, are coolers good for PCs? Next, Yuanyang will discuss this issue.


  • The radiator is used to dissipate the internal heat to reduce the temperature, so as to make the machine run better. Usually we use more radiators are aluminum radiators, cast iron radiators, cast steel radiators. Now let's introduce the difference between cast iron radiator and cast steel radiator.


  • The heat will accumulate inside the server for a long time, which will affect the normal operation of the server, and even cause the server to crash. So we must remove the bad radiator in time and replace it with a new radiator. So, how to move a radiator?


  • A car radiator can protect your vehicle from all of these conditions. It must be maintained regularly to keep your vehicle running smoothly for a long time. If the car radiator fails and cannot be used, it needs to be replaced with a new radiator. So, how do you replace a car radiator?


  • Radiator installation method and precautions Analysis of the radiator installation method and precautions, what are the radiator installation methods and precautions in the radiator difference? In the spring season, most of my friends have begun to decorate, the following will give Let's talk.


  • Commonly used materials for LED radiators are metal materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and polymer materials. Among them, polymer materials include plastics, rubber, chemical fibers, etc. The thermal conductive materials include metals and some inorganic non-metallic materials.


  • What is a heat pipe radiator? A heat pipe radiator is a new product that uses heat pipe technology to make significant improvements to many old radiators or heat exchange products and systems. There are two types of heat pipe radiators: natural cooling and forced air cooling. The thermal resistance value of the air-cooled heat pipe radiator can be made smaller, and it is often used in high-power power supplies.


  • Computer Heat Sinks may be familiar to many computer enthusiasts or owners. Our desktop computer makes a sound as soon as it works inside the main unit, which is the heat sink. Laptops also have built-in Heat Sinks. Usually to lower CPU temperature, works fine. We need to buy an external radiator when we play games for a long time, so how exactly does a radiator work?