• Aluminum Profiles Extruded Heat Sink is an efficient and reliable heat sink that will bring better heat dissipation to electronic devices. In future development, Aluminum Profiles Extruded Heat Sink is expected to further improve heat dissipation efficiency, reduce costs, expand application fields, and create more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly electronic equipment for people.


  • Common radiator FAQ related questions: What is the purpose of the radiator? Heat sinks are mainly used to regulate the temperature inside electronic equipment and prevent overheating from causing equipment damage or failure. Heat sinks keep the temperature of the device within safe levels by transferring the heat generated by the electronic device to the surrounding ambient air or other medium.


  • With the development of modern manufacturing technology, cold plate has gradually become one of the indispensable important materials in the industrial production process. So, what issues should you pay attention to when choosing a cold plate manufacturer? Next, Yuanyang will discuss together.


  • As the performance of computers continues to improve, the heat generated by hardware such as processors and graphics cards is also increasing. Therefore, the radiator has become one of the indispensable accessories in PC assembly. So, are coolers good for PCs? Next, Yuanyang will discuss this issue.


  • Recently, YUANYANG Company launched a new high-efficiency radiator——Aluminum Extrusion Welding Heat Sink. This product adopts advanced heat dissipation technology, has excellent heat dissipation performance and stable service life, and has received widespread attention.


  • The radiator is used to dissipate the internal heat to reduce the temperature, so as to make the machine run better. Usually we use more radiators are aluminum radiators, cast iron radiators, cast steel radiators. Now let's introduce the difference between cast iron radiator and cast steel radiator.


  • In energy storage systems, liquid cooling can help to remove excess heat generated during charge and discharge cycles, ensuring that the system operates within safe temperature limits.


  • The Skiving Fin Method is a highly efficient heat dissipation solution for photovoltaic inverters. Photovoltaic inverters are used in solar power systems to convert the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power that can be used in homes and businesses.


  • The role of the radiator is very large, it can discharge the heat well, so that the internal heat is reduced to achieve the effect of cooling. A good radiator is more efficient to use, and the performance of the radiator is mainly determined by the material it is made of. So, what are heat sinks made of?


  • A heat sink is a device used to dissipate heat generated in electronic equipment to the surrounding environment. It is mainly used in electronics, automotive, aerospace and other industries, and is an important part of maintaining the normal operation of equipment. Now Yuanyang will introduce to you the working principle, types and precautions of the radiator.


  • The raw materials selected by various LED heat sink manufacturers in the market are different when processing LED heat sinks. Now the common raw materials for manufacturing and processing LED heat sinks on the market are plastics, ceramics, metals and graphene.


  • The heat will accumulate inside the server for a long time, which will affect the normal operation of the server, and even cause the server to crash. So we must remove the bad radiator in time and replace it with a new radiator. So, how to move a radiator?