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Friction Stir Welding(fsw)-the Process For High Level Application And Friction Stir Welding Water Cold Plates


Friction welding is a method that uses the heat generated by the mutual movement and friction of the end faces of work pieces to make the end parts reach thermoplastic state, and then quickly formed to complete welding. Friction welding can easily connect the same or different materials, including metals, some metal matrix composites, ceramics and plastics.

Friction stir welding (FSW) uses a stirring head with a special-shaped hard stirring needle to rotate at a high speed and slowly insert it into the work piece to be welded until the shaft shoulder contacts the surface of the base metal. At this time, the stirring head and the base metal are violently rubbed, and the joint metal is in a plastic state by the friction heat generated in the process of stirring friction and squeezing the metal around the stirring head. The stirring needle moves forward along the welding direction while rotating, forming a dense intermetallic bond under the combined action of heat and machine, and make result of the connection of materials.

While firstly making the Friction stir welding cold plate should have the separated pipe upper cover out of the main aluminum plate, and then after the water channel been made and then use the separated upper cover to put on the surface and then tightly locked with the aluminum or copper plate right before the friction stir welding process, some of the clients, they think traditional FSW process should only be done with the material of aluminum, plastic and low-class carbon steel, however the copper material can also has the way for friction stir welding, just like we have successfully been utilized this technique into the copper friction stir welding cold plate.

After the program been settled down the stirring head can start working in good order and precisely, this is the good way that show every surface channel been perfectly welding and without spare blurs and lines in neat. The working hour is pretty fast and promise the high efficiency during the stirring.

Compared with the traditional fusion welding method, the advantages of friction stir welding technology can be roughly summarized as follows (1) high-quality welded joints can be obtained without conventional welding defects such as cracks, inclusions and air holes. ② Welding materials such as welding rod, welding wire and flux are not needed in the welding process, and only stirring head materials are consumed. When using this technology to weld aluminum alloy, if the tool steel is used as the material of the stirring head, the welded seam can be about 800m long. Compared with fusion welding, friction stir welding produces less heat at lower temperature, so the deformation and residual stress of welded joint are relatively small. ③ Friction stir welding technology will not pollute the environment before or during welding. Before welding, the surface of weldment does not need to be cleaned strictly. During welding, the stirring and friction between the stirring head and weldment can effectively remove the oxide film on the surface of weldment. From the beginning to the end of welding, there is no smoke and splash, and the noise is low. ④ Friction stir welding is more energy-saving and material-saving than general welding methods, because this method relies on the high-speed rotation and movement of the stirring head to come out the connection between welded work pieces. 

The application of friction stir welding is generally adopting water cooling plate in our company, as we think the FSW technique is highly emphasized in the high level of field, such like the aircraft equipment, ship and high speed trains, that’s why we know such technology is better to be used in the water cold plates especially in the inside water channel with upper cover to be perfectly stirring welded on the surface of aluminum plate, so thus we have tested and widely utilized it in every water cooling plates and some of special heat sink module.

So if you have more interested in such technology, please feel free to contact our sales team for technique inquiry or we can help you reach into our R&D department for the sample design in any structure evaluation. Besides we have a important before-making evaluation like DFM list and temperature simulation for new water cooling plate and heat thermal resistance for the CPU heat sinks. Please contact us for more information with your click in our website that sending your inquiry into box.