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Material selection of computer radiator


As we all know, high temperature is the enemy of computer. High temperature will not only cause the system to run erratically, shorten the service life, and may even cause some components to burn out. However, the reason for the high temperature of the computer does not come from outside the computer, but from inside the computer. In view of the high temperature of the computer, the solution is to equip the computer components with a heat sink.


Material selection of computer radiator


Most radiators are in contact with the surface of computer accessories, absorb the heat and then dissipate it to the inside or outside of the case through various methods, such as dissipating the heat into the air in the case, and then the case transmits the hot air to the outside of the case. outside the chassis, so as to ensure that the temperature of the computer components reaches normal temperature and complete the heat dissipation of the computer. There are many types of computer radiators. CPUs, graphics cards, motherboard chipsets, hard drives, chassis, power supplies, and even optical drives and memory all require radiators. These different radiators cannot be mixed.


The materials of the radiator are silver, copper, aluminum, and steel, respectively. If silver is used as the material of the heat sink, it is expensive and unsuitable. Usually, the material of the heat sink is copper and aluminum alloy, but both have their own advantages. Although the material of aluminum is cheap, it is light in weight and has poor thermal conductivity, only 50% of that of copper. Although the material of copper is more expensive than aluminum, the processing difficulty is higher, and the weight is large, but its thermal conductivity is good. In contrast, the material of the heat sink is suitable for copper.