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Multiple Welding Heat sinks


The advantages of copper radiator for welding are as follows:


1. High-density heat sink, large heat dissipation area, light weight. For welding individual fins, grooves can be machined on the bottom plate and the fins inserted into the grooves for welding. The fins can be up to 1 mm in density and 150 mm in height.


2. The plate can be machined in a sophisticated manner and can be embedded in a heat pipe or steam chamber, greatly increasing the average temperature.


3. The surface of copper welded radiator will not be oxidized by medium temperature processing.


4. The copper shape of the welded heat sink is flexible, and it is easy to process, install the hole position and avoid the device position.


5. Low mold cost, from micro radiator to large radiator can be quickly mass produced.


6. High reliability, has been widely used in IT equipment and communication equipment heat dissipation.


7. Surface treatment, nickel plating before welding copper, rust and oil removal before welding copper.


Fin can be folded fin, L-shaped fin, wear fin, can also be a heat pipe fin, the material is generally AL6063, AL6061, C1100, etc. According to different materials, welding radiator can be divided into copper welding radiator, copper brazing radiator, copper aluminum composite brazing radiator, through the fin welding radiator, heat pipe brazing radiator. According to the process, welding heat sink can be divided into high temperature welding and low temperature welding. For medium-temperature welding radiators, 160-170 degree welding is required. The commonly used welding process is low temperature brazing, low temperature welding heat sink temperature between 110-135 degrees, basically no deformation, can be processed with high precision process, can be used with any equipment.