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New version cooling systems


It should be noted that when the number of radiator fins is 8 and the surface area is 0.045m2, the heat resistance of the radiator is the lowest, while when the number of radiator fins is 15 and the surface area is 0.084m2, the heat resistance of the radiator is higher.


Cooling fan manufacturers often specify maximum fan flow when listing fan performance, which can be misleading for those unfamiliar with fans. As shown in Figure 5, the fan velocity is inversely proportional to the fan pressure drop. The maximum flow rate occurs when the fan pressure drop is zero, and this only occurs when air is allowed to flow freely into and out of the fan when there are no obstacles in front or behind the fan.


Once an obstacle is placed in front of the fan, such as a radiator, there will be some positive pressure drop on the fan. The more the obstacle blocks the incoming air, the greater the pressure drop. FIG. 5 shows the PQ pressure flow curve of the fan in electronic cooling. The greater the pressure drop through the fan, the lower the flow provided by the fan. The greater the density of the radiator fins, the greater the resistance to air flow, resulting in a higher pressure drop on the fan and a lower air flow provided by the fan. The intersection of fan pressure flow curve and radiator pressure flow curve is the fan operating point, as shown in FIG. 5.


To maximize heat dissipation at a certain air volume, a reasonable fan and radiator size must be selected, and the maximum flow rate of the fan must not be used to evaluate the heat dissipation performance. Ventilation and cooling for the high temperature coolant in the engine cooling tank, so as to reduce the engine working temperature. For the ventilation and cooling of the condenser in the air conditioning system, the state of the refrigerant passing through the condenser is transformed from high-pressure gaseous state to high-pressure liquid state, so that better atomization can be achieved through the expansion valve later and better air conditioning and refrigeration effect can be obtained.


Models equipped with exhaust gas turbochargers will cool the pressurized air through intercoolers or turbocharged cooling water tanks, and the radiator fan will assist in ventilation and cooling.