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Water Cooling Heat Sink That Different From Traditional Cooling


In our daily impression, the cooling system of PC computers generally uses air-cooled radiator, that is, aluminum fin sheet is attached to heat pipe and combined with fan to blow heat, and the air circulation in main box is used to keep the temperature of CPU heat source in the range of 20-60℃. However, we all know that for computer enthusiasts, this kind of radiator is not ideal for them. Because of the constant innovation of computers, The internal CPU and graphics card have long been different from the past, and the substantial improvement in performance means that the temperature inside the main box rises, that is to say, the internal air flow also carries heat, and the air-cooled radiator will become very stretched when the ambient temperature is 25-28℃. Therefore, the CPU water-cooled radiator has become another savior of computer cooling.

Structural Analysis

CPU water-cooled radiator refers to the forced circulation of liquid driven by a pump to take away the heat of the radiator. Compared with air cooling, it has the advantages of quietness, stable cooling and less dependence on the environment. The cooling performance of water-cooled radiator is directly proportional to the flow rate of cooling liquid (water or other liquid), and the flow rate of cooling liquid is related to the pump power of refrigeration system. Moreover, the heat capacity of water is large, which makes the water-cooled refrigeration system have a good heat load capacity. It is equivalent to five times that of air-cooled system, and the direct benefit is that the working temperature curve of CPU is very gentle. For example, when the system using air-cooled radiator runs the program with heavy CPU load, the temperature and heat peak will appear in a short time, or it may exceed the warning temperature of CPU, while the water-cooled heat dissipation system has much smaller heat fluctuation due to its large heat capacity.

The integrated water-cooled radiator is not only easy to install, but also has good heat dissipation. More importantly, it is very safe. There is no need to worry about complicated installation procedures or leakage. The water-cooled liquid of the integrated water-cooled radiator has been filled at the factory, and only need to handle screws, which greatly reduces the threshold of CPU water cooling and heat dissipation.

What we made water-cooled liquid of the integrated water-cooled radiator


Product Name

water-cooled liquid of the integrated water-cooled radiator

Cooling Power



Pure Copper + Aluminum

Surface Treatment

Washing + anodized black


Intel CPU


Easy to install, strong thermal conductivity

The integrated water-cooling block is a popular design at present. Its simple structure not only reduces the later cost, but also better avoids the problems of later use and installation troubles. After design and production, 100% heat dissipation performance and leak-proof test will be carried out to ensure that the product meets the standard. Usually, the air pressure leak test will hold the pressure for 20-30 minutes after the pressure of 1.5-2.0bar is reduced, thus ensuring that the product has no leakage risk. In addition, in terms of pressure bearing, customers also have special requirements, such as maintaining high-pressure internal test pressure at 500-1000psi and internal circulation to ensure the durable service life of products. YuanYang thermal energy welcomes customers of electrification, machinery and electronics to discuss more heat dissipation problems together, so as to ensure the supply power of logistics heat dissipation with the progress of science and technology in the future.