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Water cooling radiator installation


The concept of radiator is very wide, mainly divided into living radiator and industrial radiator, finned tube radiator is mostly used in the industrial industry. Water-cooled radiator installation radiator is also called radiator. It is the terminal product in the building heating system. It must also meet the requirements of reliability, energy saving, environmental protection and aesthetics. Radiator installation methods and precautions Analysis of the radiator installation methods and precautions, which are the radiator installation methods and precautions? In the spring season, most of my friends have begun to decorate, let me tell you about it below.


Water cooling radiator installation


At that time, the power supply fan was not required by the switching power supply itself, but the manufacturer fully considered the thermal cyclone, and the "last resort" modified component. Some time ago, the power supply of the chassis was generally installed on the top, so the switching power supply also has a very critical function, which must be based on its own fan to discharge the hot cyclone that has risen inside the main chassis. Today's main box is based on the bottom-mounted switching power supply, and the switching power supply generates air ducts independently. Therefore, the "fan turn-off" function of mid-to-high-end products seems to be more meaningful, and the fan turns and stops when the heat generated by itself is not large. Wind noise can be reduced. In addition, it is also a future trend for manufacturers to directly release zero-noise fan power supplies.


Can the heating facilities be changed at will? It cannot be changed at will. Central heating is a systematic project. If it is changed at will, the heating design parameters will also change, resulting in uneven distribution of heat dissipation of the radiator, affecting the heating effect. Second, most renovators do not have HVAC expertise. After the heating facilities are changed, problems such as lax interfaces and the wrong direction of the pipeline slope are prone to occur, which not only affect the heating effect, but also affect the circulation of the heating system of the entire unit. ask:


Symptoms and Causes of Water Tank Overturning Water-air Mixing Water Overturning: No matter if the hot car is cold, the water will overturn when refueling and collecting oil. The high-pressure gas in the engine cylinders will flow into the waterways. Under the impact of external high-pressure gas, the antifreeze in the engine water channel will open the thermostat and enter the upper pool of the radiator through the water supply pipe, resulting in a sharp increase in the amount of water. However, the radiator pipe of the radiator cannot be discharged in time, causing the radiator to overturn.


Water cooling radiator installation


Once an obstacle is placed in front of the fan, such as a radiator, etc., there will be some positive pressure drop across the fan, and the greater the obstacle to the incoming air, the greater the pressure drop. The greater the pressure drop across the fan when the water-cooled radiator is installed, the lower the flow rate provided by the fan. The denser the radiator fins, the greater the resistance to the flow of air, resulting in a higher pressure drop across the fan and lower airflow provided by the fan.