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What are the better ways to cool the server


The server is placed at home to dissipate heat using an air-cooled cooling method. At present, the cooling method of the server in the computer room usually adopts the air-cooled cooling method. However, in large data centers, air cooling alone is no longer sufficient to meet the cooling requirements of high heat flux servers. The traditional air cooling mode adopts indirect contact cooling, which has complicated heat transfer process. Nowadays, many people start to use cabinets on the basis of using servers. Cabinets are a good protection for servers. Nowadays, there are many cabinet rental businesses in the market. After all, they are mechanical things. During operation, heat dissipation It is very necessary, so what are the better methods for server cooling?



Server cooling method:


1. Spread the load: Spread the load in a cabinet with a load above the average to multiple cabinets.


2. Rules-based borrowing of cooling capacity: Server cooling allows high-density racks to borrow adjacent underutilized cooling capacity by employing a number of rules.


3. Auxiliary cooling: Use auxiliary cooling equipment to provide the required cooling capacity for cabinets whose power density exceeds the average design of the cabinet.


4. Set up a special high-density area: Set a limited special area in the server room to provide strong heat dissipation capacity, and limit the high-density cabinets to this area.


5. Whole room cooling: The server cooling provides the cooling capacity that meets the total cooling capacity of each cabinet in the computer room.


What are the better ways to cool the server


The above methods belong to the cooling solutions for high-density cabinets, and are also applicable to server hosting rooms. If you want to know more about server cooling issues, please contact us, Yuanyang is a professional manufacturer of various radiators to solve the problem of unsmooth server cooling.