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What are the better ways to cool the server


Servers are widely used in Internet big data processing. Since the server needs to work 24 hours a day, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature inside the server is kept within a certain range, so that the server can work better for a long time without getting hot. Especially nowadays, many people start to use cabinets on the basis of using servers. Cabinets are a good protection for servers. Nowadays, there are many cabinet rental businesses in the market. After all, it is a mechanical thing. In the process of operation , cooling is very necessary, so what are the better methods for server cooling?


What are the better ways to cool the server


1. Whole room cooling: The server cooling provides the cooling capacity that meets the total cooling capacity of each cabinet in the computer room.


2. Auxiliary cooling: Use auxiliary cooling equipment to provide the required cooling capacity for cabinets whose power density exceeds the average design of the cabinet.


3. Spread the load: Spread the load in the racks with more than average load across multiple racks.


4. Rules-based cooling capacity borrowing: Server cooling allows high-density racks to borrow adjacent underutilized cooling capacity by employing a number of rules.


5. Set up a special high-density area: Set a limited special area in the server room to provide strong heat dissipation capacity, and limit the high-density cabinets to this area.


What I have introduced to you above is "What are the better ways for server cooling?", which is a cooling solution for high-density cabinets, and is also applicable to server hosting rooms. If you have server cooling problems, please contact Yuanyang. Yuanyang is a professional Servers Heat Sink manufacturer, and the product quality has passed ISO international certification.