Aluminum Profile Buckle Fin Heat Sink 2U Server Heatsink With Aluminum Baseplate

Aluminum profile buckle fin heat sink 2u server heatsink with aluminum baseplate is widely used in the field of lamps and lanterns, photography lamps, stage lights, street lamps, new energy vehicles, servers, computer CPU and mobile phone chips, laser equipment, super computers and so on.Cooperative case: our company designs and massively produces heat sinks for medical equipment with Aavid company, cooperates with Han's laser for laser equipment water cooling plates, and also creates computer integrated water cooling block for Intel.

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Product Description

Product parameters of OEM customized aluminum profile buckle fin heat sink 2U server heatsink with aluminum baseplate

Material: CU1020


Technology: Zipper fin

Feature: Good cooling capability and No leakage default

Surface treatment: oil cleared,cleaned and passivation

Heat conducting power: 60W


Product advantage of OEM customized aluminum profile buckle fin heat sink 2U server heatsink with aluminum baseplate

If you want us to make aluminum profile buckle fin heat sink 2u server heatsink with aluminum baseplate, we can definitely make it as we have 10 stamping machines for high efficiency zipper fin production,and pipes can also be pressing on our own, no need to worry about the speed, we are always struggle for it, to make faster and keep quality at the same time, increase best value between customers and our company.



R & D strength: our company has graduated engineers from South China University of technology and Engineering Research of Huazhong University of science and technology on the new models, the thickness of the water cooling plate is 0.5mm and the cooling power is 700W. At present, there are 10 engineers in the company, and 3 persons had working experience in foreign enterprises


Production capacity: the production capacity of CPU radiator can reach 50000 PCs in one month, the capacity of heat pipe water cooling plate can reach 12500 PCs, and the heat pipe can reach 150000 Pcs a month, and the branch plant is under expansion.


Sales volume: at present, the monthly turnover can reach 4 million, and the peak season can exceed 700 million, and the annual business can reach 70-80 million.


Our machines:

Production equipment: 25 CNC machines, 10 stamping machines, 2 friction welding machines, 2 large thermal blowers, 4 wire cutting machines, 2 spark machines, 4 milling machines and 3 grinding machines.





Our testing machines:

Testing equipment: 1 Coordinate Measuring Machine, 1 projector instrument, 2 water high pressure testing machines, 4 thermal resistance testing machines, and 2 liquid leakage testing machines.



Our soldering assembly line:


Our team:


We as a team,move forward and backward together;


We have good services,high efficiency and great development;


We are market -sensitive and have strong will for the modern market.


Our Certificate


Our service:

1.Once received the inquiry will be quickly replied


2.Keep the product be qualified and price be reasonable and competitive.


3.Fastly arrange production and improve efficiency.Get the goods be finished on time.


4.We can advice the best transportation depends on the goods weight and cubic meter


5.Any questions with the goods we made, we will offer the best solution and technique support.



1. Q:Are you trading in company or manufacturer?

A:We are the professional manufacturer of heat sink and water cooling plate that has much experiences and strong technique team,automatically and mechanized production


2. Q:Have you exported the goods before and to which regions?

A:60% goods in total has exported abroad,to Japan,India,British,Canada,America and Brazil.


3. Q:How many employees you have?

A:we have about 100 employees,including sales,purchase,engineering,QA,warehouse and production department.


4. Q:If I agree with the design,can you provide the samples we need?

A:Yes,we can.we surely will provide the samples to you for confirmation before mass production.Meanwhile the drawing we could provid if needed


5. Q:What packing you're using and can be assured safty?

A:Every goods are be packed with customized packing ways in normal cartons with tight proof fabric and wooden cartons for great protection, so it is safe during transportation.


6. Q:If we have any questions with products,can you provide the technique and solution?

A:Every products are fully checked before shipping, if there is problems you're facing,please feel free to let us know,we will offer best solution at once.

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