• Radiator is a general term for a series of devices used to conduct and release heat. It is used to increase the air velocity and flow rate flowing through the radiator, so as to enhance the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator and cool the engine accessories. Heat sinks are widely used, such as server heat sinks, car heat sinks, chip heat sinks, etc., heat sinks can solve heat dissipation problems well. So, which radiators are best?


  • With the development of information technology, cloud computing and big data are gradually entering people's lives. As a node of the network, the server stores and processes 80% of the data and information on the network. It is similar to a general-purpose computer chassis, including processors, hard disks, memory, and system buses.


  • A car radiator can protect your vehicle from all of these conditions. It must be maintained regularly to keep your vehicle running smoothly for a long time. If the car radiator fails and cannot be used, it needs to be replaced with a new radiator. So, how do you replace a car radiator?


  • Aluminum radiators are widely used in the cooling of high-power devices in aerospace, new energy, electric power, electronics, semiconductor and other fields. Aluminum radiators have many advantages and cannot replace other materials, including:


  • The radiator has become the main radiator product promoted by the National Configuration Department, and it is also the radiator with the highest market share in my country.


  • Yuanyang has been engaged in the design and development of radiators for many years, and has rich experience. During the production process, 8 requirements for radiators should be summed up to greatly improve the completion of radiators.


  • The radiator is one of the indispensable components when computers, servers and other equipment are running. It can dissipate the heat inside the server. It is best to be silent when using the radiator at the same time. Yuanyang is a professional radiator company. When using a radiator, Why Quiet Is Best When Using a Radiator?


  • In order to meet the needs of users, radiator manufacturers can perform the following services: 1. Pre-sale service: help users design radiators, fold old radiators. When decorating, consumers themselves don't know much about the principle of air convection, so the position of the radiator is not professional and comprehensive, so professional companies can provide this service, and the service quality is as important as the product quality.


  • The quality of the heat sink mainly depends on the material chosen. For example, radiators using cast iron radiators have the disadvantages of good corrosion and pressure resistance and poor decoration.


  • Radiator installation method and precautions Analysis of the radiator installation method and precautions, what are the radiator installation methods and precautions in the radiator difference? In the spring season, most of my friends have begun to decorate, the following will give Let's talk.


  • How to clean the radiator? The heat pipe radiator is one of the key working components in the diesel engine cooling water system software. Radiator cleaning Heat pipe After the radiator is used for a long time, the core tube will be blocked and the refrigerant will be exposed, which will cause the temperature of the diesel engine to rise and endanger the normal operation of the diesel engine. Therefore, people should learn how to check and clear their common faults.


  • The concept of radiator is very wide, mainly divided into living radiator and industrial radiator, finned tube radiator is mostly used in the industrial industry. Water-cooled radiator installation radiator is also called radiator. It is the terminal product in the building heating system. It must also meet the requirements of reliability, energy saving, environmental protection and aesthetics. Radiator installation methods and precautions Analysis of the radiator installation methods and precautions, which are the radiator installation methods and precautions? In the spring season, most of my friends have begun to decorate, let me tell you about it below .