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Cold Plate Factory Tells How To Check Quality Of Water Cold Plates


YuanYang Thermal Energy specializes in manufacturing water chill plates and heat sink dissipation modules in various fields, and has its own unique views on heat dissipation field, which can provide different solutions for customers. Our company has always put forward the safest process in production based on customers' pursuit of quality, including the mature technology of fiber groove, friction welding and deep-buried copper tubes on aluminum plate, which can be applied to different products for customers to choose from, emphasizing that it can be applied to different production processes in different fields.


1. Look at the material. Most of the water cooling plates in the market are designed with aluminum plate and copper tube. This kind of water-cooled plate is made of aluminum and copper alloy with high cost performance and relatively low cost. Look at the quality of aluminum and copper, whether there are impurities, that is and thus, look at the advantages and disadvantages of raw materials, which is not difficult for everyone.

2. Look at the craft. The material can be the same but the process is different, but the effect of the radiator is completely different. We should start from two aspects to see the process. On the one hand, whether the production is carried out according to the design drawings, and check the parameters indicated in the drawings with vernier calipers. Normally the error is less than 0.05 mm is qualified, but if you prefer higher accuracy can reach into 0.02 mm.

3. On the other hand, judging from the workmanship of the water cold plate, there will be a problem of adhesion through the process of embedding copper tube inside the aluminum plate. If there is a gap between the two, it will affect the heat dissipation effect and even lead to water leakage. In addition, copper pipes and aluminum plates are connected by the process of burying pipes, and then gradually by the process of grinding or polishing surfaces, so that the whole water-cooled plate forms completely flat in one piece.

4. The quality of a radiator water cooling plate can be roughly judged from several above aspects. If the requirements are higher, the measured data of heat dissipation and thermal simulation test of related products can be requested from YuanYang Thermal Energy, and it is more accurate to judge by the data.