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Principle And Advantages Of Friction Stir Welding


Friction stir welding uses friction heat and plastic deformation heat while welding heat sources. The difference between friction stir welding and conventional friction welding is that friction stir welding involves a cylinder or other shaped stirring needle extending into the joint of the work piece. During the welding process, the welding work piece should be fixed in the high-speed rotation of the welding head and extend into the seam of the welding work piece material, and the friction heat between the rotating stirring head and the work piece will cause the material in front of the welding head to undergo strong plastic deformation. Then, with the movement of the welding head, the material with high plastic deformation will gradually be deposited on the back of the stirring head, thus it is the way forming the friction stir welding. Finally, the weld scars will be removed by CNC2 grinding process and polishing.


Advantages of friction stir welding

1.The heat affected zone of the joint becomes smaller, the residual stress becomes lower, and it is not easy to deform.

2. For long welds, large sections and different positions, it can be completed at one time. 

3. Mechanization and automation of operation, low energy consumption and high work efficiency. 

4. Weldable materials sensitive to thermal cracks, suitable for welding dissimilar materials. 

5. Safety, no pollution, no smoke, no radiation, etc.

The display of processed products is as follows:

Display of product effect after machining CNC grinding and polishing:

6. YuanYang Thermal Energy has two friction stir welding machines and experienced machine adjusting masters, which can perform different machine adjusting procedures according to different material characteristics to ensure the perfect combination of products. In addition, after seamless processing, it looks like the original object in one piece, ensuring that the products are leak-free and normally water-cooled. At present, the water-cooled blocks and water-cooled plates that have been mass-produced are used in the fields of medical treatment, security inspection, laser cutting machine and communication shell equipment respectively, and customers also commented numerous favorable feedback on the technology and quality of products.