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Introduction of 1U Industrial Control Server Chassis


With the increasing integration of servers, a large number of popular use such as INTEL's XEON blade servers (with advertisements everywhere) and 1U servers, and the domestic server market is gradually heating up servers. Server heat dissipation is highly valued by radiator manufacturers and server users, so 1U radiators play a great role in the server's heat dissipation system. Since the frequency of the CPU used by the server is usually high, some are dual CPU or even multiple CPUs, coupled with high-speed SCSI hard disks and high-power power supplies, these components usually emit a lot of heat, so the air quickly becomes hot and has a A high-efficiency radiator is very important. At the same time, when the server's 24-hour operation and cooling requirements are quite high, we need some relatively good products to support it. At the same time, some computer rooms will be kept quiet, requiring customers to need a fanless or low-noise product, so for such a 1U server radiator, it is a qualitative test. Of course, the high cost of 1U servers contributes to the high quality and high price of the radiator.

1U server specifications and introduction: In fact, U is a unit that represents the external size of the server, which is an acronym for unit. The detailed size is determined by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) as an industry group. The reason for specifying the size of the server is to keep the server at an appropriate size so that it can be placed on an iron or aluminum rack. The rack has screw holes for fixing the server. Align it with the screw holes of the server and fix it with screws. The prescribed size is the width (482mm = 19 inches) and height (multiples of 4.445cm) of the server. Since the width is 19 inches, the racks that meet this requirement are sometimes called "19-inch racks." The above picture can also clearly see how small the space of the 1U server is.

The basic unit of thickness is 44.5mm. 1U is 44.5mm, 2U is 2 times 1U and 89mm (and so on). In other words, the so-called "1U PC server" is a product that meets EIA specifications and has a thickness of 44.5mm. Products designed to fit into a 19-inch cabinet are generally called rack servers.