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Water Cooling Solutions For Personal Servers


The server is a high-performance computer in the network environment. It listens to service requests submitted by other computers (clients) on the network and provides corresponding services. For this reason, the server must have the ability to undertake and guarantee services.

Its high performance is mainly reflected in high-speed computing power, long-term reliable operation, and powerful external data throughput. For example, in online games, 100 people are online at the same time, which means there are 100 "clients", these 100 people The data changes generated during the game are transmitted to the server for calculation and storage.

Since the server runs continuously for a long time, it is different from ordinary PC computers in terms of heat dissipation and appearance. And because of its high configuration and good scalability, it has excellent performance. The server generally installs a special server-level operating system and then sets up WEB services. It is precisely because of the requirement for high performance that the service processor is more powerful and heats up than ordinary desktop computers.

Using air-cooled heat dissipation, in addition to the abnormal noise, the heat dissipation effect is not ideal. Personal servers are mostly used at home, and there is no doubt that too much noise affects life. Poor heat dissipation and long-term high temperature will reduce the use efficiency and greatly shorten the service life of the server. So is there a good solution?

Water-cooled heat dissipation can solve most heating problems, especially when reducing the indoor temperature and the effect of air convection is not obvious. Water-cooled heat dissipation can control the heat dissipation core at a very stable temperature, and the operating noise will be reduced several times.

After trying a variety of heat dissipation methods, a number of data show that the advantages of water cooling are obvious. The heat dissipation efficiency is high, quiet and stable, which can ensure the efficient operation of the server. For personal server users, the cost of retrofitting water-cooled heat dissipation is not too great, and it saves too much compared with enterprise-level ones. If you are a modification expert, you can consider water cooling modification.