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Radiators occupy a place in the Chinese market


The radiator has become the main radiator product promoted by the National Configuration Department, and it is also the radiator with the highest market share in my country. The actual use in the last few years in the United Kingdom, the disadvantage of the appearance of the steel pipe radiator invented is that after the steel pipe radiator is placed for a period of time, water leakage is prone to occur during welding. In order to prevent the corruption and water leakage of the radiator, various coordination measures such as various paint anticorrosion inside the steel pipe radiator, and magnesium rods placed in the radiator to protect the anticorrosion are being studied. A radiator capable of active corrosion protection becomes a passive corrosion protection agent. Differences in steel materials used, differences in steel thickness, differences in manufacturing processes, differences in the number of brazes, the result is greater resistance to corruption. Specifically, the initially introduced product slicing is formed by two steel plates with a thickness of 15 mm respectively and then welded, which naturally forms a round of engraving welding, covering the welding where water tends to accumulate on the top of the engraving.


Radiators occupy a place in the Chinese market


The riser is 125 mm steel plate wound into a cylindrical shape and welded into a steel tube. Make the riser and valve seat welded into the integral form of the radiator. The final piece is re-welded and formed between pieces to form a perfect heater. The new product first changes the welding-formed fragments into casting-formed precision cast steel, and its material is rare earth modified cast steel with a wall thickness of 2.7mm.


Then, the welded and formed sewing steel pipes are replaced with high-quality low-carbon seamless steel pipes with a wall thickness of 15 mm. Then the slices and seamless steel pipes are combined, and an automatic flash welder is used to heat the weld once to make it a heater. Finally, change the welded connection of the sculpture and the sculpture to a striped buckle connection to form a perfect radiator. The new manufacturing process completely eliminates the anti-corrosion essentials of paint inside the radiator, which is widely used in China, and directly selects cast-formed precision cast steel to prevent anti-corrosion, and the anti-corrosion life span is doubled. Not only the cloud, but also 10%-30% more heat release than the industry scale, 20% more compression resistance, 20%-80% more steel thickness, energy saving and environmental protection and other characteristics. In other words, it is an innovative product that preserves the advantages of steel radiators such as portability, high pressure, high heat, energy saving, environmental protection, and shape, and combines various advantages of cast iron radiators without washing hands. From then on, steel radiators Entered the second generation growth process. The use of high-quality steel for new products, the increase of wall thickness, and the elimination of solder welding have led to the elimination of a large number of perishable parts in new products compared with the original imported products. After testing, there may be continuous corruption for 20 years, and the theoretical service life is 60 years. This is a longer-lasting active preservation product that does not require passive preservation measures.