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Eight quality requirements in the process of producing radiators in radiator factories


Yuanyang Heat Sink factory has been engaged in the design and development of radiators for many years, and has rich experience. During the production process, 8 requirements for radiators should be summed up to greatly improve the completion of radiators.




Radiator factory radiator 8 quality requirements:


1. The surface of the heating element should not have shrinkage holes, corrosion, cracks and other defects.


2. The metal fasteners (pressure plate, pressure cover, disc spring) of the flat radiator and the conductor of the water-cooled heating element should be protected by electroplating.


3. The maximum allowable value of the surface roughness Ra of the heating element table top is 3.2, M.


4. The flatness of the radiator table should be above grade 9.


5. Dimensions of the central positioning pin installed on the table of the flat heating element: 2.5 mm in diameter, 1 mm above the counter.


6. For heat sinks for thermal semiconductor devices (including heating elements, fasteners, and insulating parts) resistant to moisture, salt, and mold, the surface should be protected, and the ability to resist moisture, salt, and mold should meet the standards for tropical power semiconductor devices.


7. Special fasteners and insulating parts for radiators shall comply with GBB446.3 (radiator insulating parts and fasteners for power semiconductor devices).


8. The tightening torque or tightening pressure for radiator and power semiconductor installation should comply with the relevant provisions of the product standards for parts.


These 8 aspects are the accumulation and precipitation of experience and are for reference only. If you have any questions, please contact Yuanyang. Let me elaborate on the relevant issues.