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The 300W Air-cooled Heat Pipe Lamp Radiator


We can often see that there are many kinds of radiators, among which radiators in computers, servers and graphics cards are basically standard products, because these are products for many of consumers and mass production. However, in the field of mechanical specialty, because many newly developed equipment are unique or under development, their radiators must be customized by OEM processing design, because the customized products are the only suitable ones.YuanYang thermal energy has designed and built another heat pipe welding radiator for customers, and its products are suitable for industrial LED lamps. In the final analysis, the number of heat pipes has increased to 10, and its heat dissipation effect can reach a higher level, providing a more stable heat dissipation device without overload. Even in the high temperature environment of 45 degrees, it can achieve the ideal cooling effect, which is challenging in the tough environment.

Product Name

The300W air-cooled heat pipe lamp radiator


95 x92x145mm



Product Material

Pure copper and aluminum base

Surface Treatment

Oil cleaning and passivation

Cooling Power



9225 Fan


Pressing fins+ Soldering with paste

Product Showing           

The Result of Simulation


Ambient temperature 45 degrees.


The maximum surface temperature of the heat source is 79.4°C.

The maximum surface temperature of 002 model aluminum fin type non delta fan heat source is 85.3°C.

It is about 6 degrees better than model 002.

The maximum surface temperature of the original VC model heat source is 86.7°C.

Through the model test, it can be seen that after the radiator uses a fan, the temperature of the heating source is 79.4℃ at 300W heat, which is about 6℃ lower than that of natural convection and the original VC model. The simulation test can simulate the heat dissipation effect of air flow and water cooling, which gives a key reference in the early stage of research and development, and can also be more convenient for subsequent laboratory thermal resistance performance test.


1. Under the condition of air cooling, it can ensure high heat dissipation wattage.

2. It can still ensure good heat dissipation capacity at 45 high temperature.

3. The radiator is made of all copper to ensure the durability of the product.

4. The radiator base is too small, which ensures that the contact surface structure is minimized to make more space for other parts.