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The quality of the radiator mainly depends on the material selected


The quality of the heat sink mainly depends on the material chosen. For example, radiators using cast iron radiators have the disadvantages of good corrosion and pressure resistance and poor decoration. The advantage of steel radiator is that it can be made into various shapes at will, and the decoration is very good, but the corrosion resistance is difficult to meet the domestic thermogravimetric water quality, and the thermal effect is not as good as other radiators. The steel-aluminum composite radiator utilizes the function of increasing the thermal conductivity of the aluminum wings, but the innards do not change its deficiencies.


The quality of the radiator mainly depends on the material selected


Both radiators and steel radiators made of stainless steel single-material radiators have the ability to freely produce radiators of various shapes, but the heat transfer performance of stainless steel is lower than that of steel radiators, the welding process is difficult, and high-temperature welding destroys physical properties. On the contrary, the corrosion resistance is poor, the cost of low-temperature welded products is high, and the strength is difficult to guarantee.


The radiator made of copper-aluminum composite radiator is different from steel and stainless steel, and will not manufacture radiators of various shapes, but the radiator's unique performance, thermal efficiency, corrosion resistance, durability, energy saving in use, environmental protection, weight, The decoration is also very good, and the pressure can also meet the domestic heating pressure.