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Why Quiet Is Best When Using a Radiator


The radiator is one of the indispensable components when computers, servers and other equipment are running. It can dissipate the heat inside the server. It is best to be silent when using the radiator at the same time. Yuanyang is a professional radiator company. When using a radiator, Why Quiet Is Best When Using a Radiator?


Why Quiet Is Best When Using a Radiator


The computer CPU cooler not only pursues excellent heat dissipation, but also provides users with an excellent use experience. Constant temperature and humidity, wind tunnel, noise laboratory, standard Intel, AMD thermal test platform, standard VGA thermal test system, various professional test equipment, deployment of experienced thermal and noise test engineers. In terms of thermal performance, there is no noticeable difference between the major suppliers. The low-temperature energy-saving operation is realized by using the new PWM cold control technology, which is characterized by the low-temperature operation state and the heater does not participate in the work. Firstly, determine the electronic components for heat dissipation, specify the working parameters, working conditions, size, and installation method, and select the size of the bottom plate of the radiator to be slightly larger than the mounting surface of the parts. For single rib heatsinks, if the desired width of the heatsink is not available in the table, a heatsink cutout that is double or triple the original width can be selected. At present, when most of the operation and management of central heating are not standardized, the life of the radiator may be prolonged by chemical plating on the radiator and internal corrosion of the paint, but it is not absolutely safe.


The mute effect should also be considered when using the radiator. If it is not muted, the radiator will rotate loudly, which will easily affect the work efficiency of people around, and even give people a long-term harsh noise. Then, such a radiator certainly does not meet the requirements of consumers. Therefore, it is best to keep silent when using the radiator, so as to bring a good experience.