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Led Light Heat Sink And Different Fin Structure With Different Performance


In nowadays almost every field of equipment and facilities all are adopting heat sinks or water cold plates. However,the heat dissipation problem is one of the problems at the LED design. In this article we proposed a design method to replace fins for outdoor LED stage lights, To be compared between the commercial fins and thick buckle fin. We know that the influence of numerous parameters on the heat dissipation performance of the fin is doing the great efforts for the dissipation, so if we insist on traditional fins with extrusion, that is not sufficient to be more better than ever, thus we need to figure out a way how to be different and make your Led stage lamp heat sink to be different than other’s.


Numerous parameters may influence the heat dissipation effect of fin heat sinks, such like the fin pitch, thickness, width and height would be change the performance of heat sink a lot, that’s why the engineers are making the tests for recalculation again.

Our company engineers were making some of the tests that the stage light heat sink to be different and hopefully can be improved than ever, we redesign in the CAD, UG for several times, and including the material changing and also the fin structure, we finally came out with the conclusion that the material needs to change into harder and fin structure needs to change too, Such like the Al 1100 specification material could make hardness with some of special surface treatment, more harder material can be used into the thicker and higher fins of heat sink, the new product of stage light heat sink are used into the higher and thicker fins, the material needs harder at the same time and the most significant is to be tighter connection.

The heat sink with thicker and higher fins would increase better heat resistance with the help of the area of touching enlarges, the second advantage is it can be more durable as you are using it and operational in long period of time, every product has to increase the lifetime as this is what many clients are concerned for. Once the design we finished, finally it’s testing the product performance not only using the heat resistance testing, but also the another way of using the lights in the bottom of heat sink with outdoor stage light working application, we have special team for application and some of customers will also have pretested it as this is the new way of large stage light heat sink solution, after what everything been good well, then massively promote it and make it product patented in the local authority. Wish such product design and application can get good achievement and development for the current Led light thermal products.

As the design been involved and becoming more and more advance and mature, with heat pipes around the area of heat sink plate is new idea for the new type of stage lamp heat sink, the fin not only can be designed into thicker and higher, but also the shape of it can be flexible simultaneously.