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New Member Joining And Product Application


It’s a new way of working that our foreign trade department have the product thermal engineer who is giving us the best help!

It’s welcome that we have a foreign engineer for supporting us the product technical information and solve the thermal problems we have. Everybody in this team has the experience of heat sinks and water cooling plate manufacturing. We are struggling for better product knowledge and give us the great services to our customers. But every one has a advantage that each person is what they good at for, like Julie she is more good at product structure manufacturing and evaluation prices, Melinda she is doing well in customer negotiation and team training. Christian who is skilled in heat sinks and water cooling plates pictures and videos film, and Peter who is skilled for customer services and product design suggestion, and Cathy who is expert in Alibaba management and platform improvement. Finally Manik who is the thermal engineer doing well in thermal simulation of water cold plates and heat pipe heat sinks application and designing.

Therefore, every one has the its advantages, know yourself superiority and can develop your potential more better than ever. What’s more, offering our client the best service and product solution with the help of our team members. At present, our factory has massively producing the CPU heat sinks and water cooling plates, mainly using in the field of computers and laser equipment.

Here below is our product application and product showing

Heat pipe heat sinks has many applications using in computers, servers and medical equipment.

Industrial machines such like the laser equipment and laser cutting machines will generally adopting the high power water cold plates.

Every product has lifetime features, we can offer the new product replacement and best new solution for our clients in order to have better feeling of their product application.