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The 510 W Heat Pipe Welding High Power Heat Dissipation Module


Heat dissipation products not only have traditional and simple heat sinks, but also with the increasingly high-power mechanical and electrified products, heat sinks have derived new heat dissipation modules, which as the name implies, are composed of a variety of accessories and more diverse processes. Manufacturing the heat dissipation module requires special equipment, including bending machine, welding machine, solder paste, welding fixture and screen board, to realize its steps. When making soldering modules, the most important thing is mastering the soldering skills and operation specifications, and also to remember the attributes of different solder pastes skillfully, so thus soldering the heat dissipation modules more successfully under the solder paste specified by customers.


Radiator Specifications:

Product Name

10 w high power welding heat dissipation module

Product Model


Product Specification


Heat Dissipation Power



Oil cleaning

Product Application

Heat dissipation of large communication equipment


Copper + Aluminum

Heat dissipation mode

Forced convection air cooling

Product Display:

Product Design Concept


Nowadays, in the era of vigorous energy demand and the prevalence of high-power machines, the performance of radiators should be improved accordingly, Therefore to meet the requirements that the machines can be used normally under higher power without being harmed by high temperature. But nowadays, when it comes to high-power radiators, heat pipes are indispensable. Heat pipes have very good heat conduction and cooling functions, and cooperate with the cooling of Fin sheets, Therefore to cool the heating blocks more quickly. YY-HM-08 heat dissipation module has 64 heat pipes, and its cooling effect is undoubted. Although the heat dissipation power can't compare with the water cooling plate, the heat dissipation stability is very good, and the thermal conductivity is further enhanced by the welding process, which can be said to be a very standard combination of heat dissipation modules.


Test Results Show

Fundamental Specification

Simulation model :

Solder paste type heat pipe thermal module

The thickness of aluminum fin: 0.5mm, 208 fins

6mm diameter heat pipes 32 pcs

8.0mm diameter heat pipes 32pcs

Fan specification: three fans,adopted absorbed wind from rear side,Single power 11W,  Speed 8400 RPM

Air volume 132 cubic meters/hour (The default mode test is 8038 fan) Mold ring temperature: 26 degrees See the description on the next page for heating specifications.

Result: The highest temperature on the surface of the heating element with a environment temperature of 26 degrees. 

Maximum temperature of heating source surface (for reference only) 45w 36.4C 100w 34.3C 25w 35.4C 

Fully meet the required temperature rising limit.